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Harley-Davidson® Milwaukee-Eight™ Engine

Posted by Orlando Harley on Feb 7, 2019 9:56:47 AM

It's been over 100 years in the making, but the next generation of touring engines is here: The Milwaukee-Eight™ from Harley-Davidson® has arrived. This incredible motor was designed to provide superior power and performance for Harley-Davidson® touring motorcycles, and it delivers on both fronts with a ride that you won't soon forget. Come in, call or click and Orlando Harley-Davidson® will be happy to help you schedule a test ride so you can experience this awesome motor for yourself! Orlando Harley-Davidson® is proud to serve the areas of Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, and St. Cloud, Florida.


The Milwaukee-Eight™ may be the newest motor from Harley-Davidson®, but it's also just another step in a legacy that stretches back to the first F-Head motors produced in 1903. Since these early engines first rolled onto the road, Harley-Davidson® has been committed to constant innovation, leading to the development of the Knucklehead engine in 1936, and cementing the foundation of Harley-Davidson®'s air cooled engine design for decades to come. The next big innovation for touring bikes was 1966, when the first Electra-Glide motors rolled onto the road sporting the Shovelhead engine. In 1999, Harley-Davidson® unveiled the Twin Cam engine, which delivered more power to the touring family than ever before, but now it’s time for the next step in Harley-Davidson® engine design: The Milwaukee-Eight.


When Harley-Davidson® designs a new V-Twin they aim for two goals: More power, better performance. The Milwaukee-Eight™ delivers on both, and the increase in power is something that every touring enthusiast is sure to notice. This engine features 10% more torque than the Twin Cam engines that it replaces, cranking out a total of 111 ft lbs. of torque. This is thanks in part to the eight valve design, and in part due to the large displacement of the engine. The Milwaukee-Eight™ clocks in at an impressive 107 cubic inches, with a CVO™ variant that measures 114 cubic inches. If you want your bike to be powered by the biggest V-Twin around, come in and see our service department about the Screamin' Eagle Stage III upgrade kit and we can bump your Milwaukee-Eight™ up to an incredible 117 cubic inches of white knuckle fury.


The Milwaukee-Eight's power is matched only by its outstanding performance characteristics. Even at 107 cubic inches the Milwaukee-Eight™ is able to shed heat more easily that previous touring engines, thanks to the precision cooling system which removes heat directly from the hottest parts of the bike. The Milwaukee-Eight™ is also equipped with a counterbalancer and rubber mounted, making bikes with the Milwaukee-Eight™ smoother and more comfortable for long rides. Finally the eight valve design of the Milwaukee-Eight™ allows the engine to get better fuel economy, and simultaneously produce lower emissions so you can get more out of every bit of gas you put in the tank.

With performance like never before, and power that builds on a century of engineering excellence the Milwaukee-Eight™ is an engine that's worthy of the 2017 touring motorcycles from Harley-Davidson®. Call us at Orlando Harley-Davidson®, and schedule your test ride on a Milwaukee-Eight™ equipped 2017 touring motorcycle from Harley-Davidson®! Orlando Harley-Davidson® is proud to serve the areas of Kissimmee, Orlando, Sanford, and St. Cloud, Florida!