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Meet Harley’s newest Softail addition: The FXDR 114

Posted by Orlando Harley on Feb 7, 2019 9:56:15 AM

Meet Harley’s newest Softail addition: The FXDR 114

Harley Davidson recently announced the FXDR 114 as the 10th model that’s based on the Softail platform. The 114 is an aesthetically appealing and powerful bike that promises speed and agility.


The FXDR 114 surrounding the capable Softail chassis delivers moto-aggression along with a technical edge. It features the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine that promises unrelenting power as well as weight-saving components made of composite and aluminum. The power cruiser also delivers amplified performance and handling and features premium rear and front suspensions. Let’s take a closer look at the bike’s features.


Comparatively lightweight

Due to the aluminum swingarm, the bike weighs 10.2 pounds less than the steel bikes in the Softail line of models. It also features a 240 mm rear tire. The reduced weight along with the lightweight 18-inch aluminum disc rear wheel significantly enhances the rear suspension performance.

Moreover, the 19-inch forged aluminum Ace front wheel is also lightweight and features thin spokes. Meanwhile, the seat and tail sections are supported by a sub-frame made of welded aluminum tubing and a composite tail section. The fenders are also made using a lightweight composite material.


The FXDR 114 is designed such that it highlights all the technical features and expresses its potential which sets it apart from the other Softail models.

The style is pretty much influenced by drag-bikes. This is evident in the inverted and raked front end, the clipped tail section, massive intake, and exhaust, and the proportional contrast between the wheels. At the same time, technical elements such as the aluminum swingarm, exposed external suspension adjuster, and the digital instrumentation integrated within the rider controls are clearly highlighted too.

There is a speed screen around the LED headlamp that helps to break the wind. Meanwhile, the stretched fuel tank with a 4.4-gallon capacity exclusive to the 114 lengthens the bike’s overall profile. The oil cooler is covered by a race-inspired chin fairing. On the other hand, the clipped tail section in a drag bike style exposes the 240mm rear tire. 

A solo seat has been seamlessly integrated into the tail section. There is also a storage compartment within the subframe which you can access by removing the cover placed on top of the tail section.

A molded composite rear fender hugs the tire and moves with it along the suspension range which means it is nearly invisible when the 114 is running. One the left side if the swingarm, there is a license plate fixture as well as a rear lighting module secured to an aluminum spar mount.

Both the front and the rear wheels are finished in gloss black and satin black paint. The rims feature bright bolt heads and laser-etched orange graphics. 

Dynamic Softail chassis

The rigid and strong chassis is tuned to deliver responsive handling. The 114 is fitted with the Softail mono-shock rear suspension with a single coil-over shock. The shock features an optimized angle between the frame and swingarm as well as internal free-piston technology which enhances response and travel. The shock also comes with an external hydraulic pre-load adjustment knob that allows the rider to easily and quickly adjust the optimal suspension performance, keeping in mind the road conditions and load.

The front end is stiffened with the help of inverted 43mm forks that improve the response to the steering input. Both the triple-rate spring and the single-cartridge internal fork damping technology quickly respond to the inputs which in turn keep the front wheel firmly planted for improved handling and braking performance.

It is also worth mentioning that the FXDR 114 offers more lean angle compared to other Softail models.

Efficient gears

The 114 promises a strong braking performance because of the dual 300mm front disc brakes that require less lever effort. High-performance Michelin Scorcher tires also contribute to optimized braking and handling performance. Other features also include aluminum clip-on handlebars and a digital display placed within the speed screen,

Powerful Milwaukee-Eight engine

The 114 features the most powerful engine to be fitted in the Softail chassis; the Milwaukee-Eight 114 v-twin. The air intake is designed to enhance the flow of air into the engine while the exposed air filters make use of a new synthetic media which doesn’t require oiling. The bike is also fitted with a 2-into-1 exhaust that emits a throaty rumble.

Other notable features

Precision oil cooling, dual knock sensors, and the advanced four-valve cylinder head design allow thrilling acceleration coupled with strong torque output. Dual counter-balancers cancel out primary idle vibration for rider comfort. Standard equipment like a USB charging port and keyless ignition are also included.

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