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why we ride at Orlando Harley ® /Episode 1

Posted by Lindsey Rubin on Aug 19, 2019 1:57:26 PM

At Orlando Harley-Davidson® we live Harley 24/7. Our passion for riding goes beyond the dealership. We are on the road everyday with you. We wanted to share our riding stories with you. Every rider can remember their first encounter with a motorcycle and they never forget their first ride, most memorable rally and their favorite custom build bike along the riding journey. 

This week we're featuring our beloved Finance Manager, Dana Cooley. She's been a dedicated Orlando Harley®  employee and rider for many years. We are so grateful she's on our team and breaking boundaries with Orlando female riders daily. Check out her freedom story below. 

I got iDana_blog_photon to riding because, like many women, I just got tired of riding on the back. Something that absolutely fascinated me was the want to be on two wheels. I started on a sport bike, and rode a Kawasaki 600 for almost 5 years. When I moved to Florida, and started working for OHD is when I finally purchased my first Harley.  A 2014 Sand Camo Iron 883, and I put about 15 thousand miles on that bike in the two years of owning it. Even rode some roads as far as Sturgis SD with her. Now having my Dyna Low Rider S, I couldn't be more in love with riding. 

I had a woman ask me one day if I did yoga while she and her husband were sitting in my office purchasing a new motorcycle. I thought it was a strange question.  Then she proceeded to tell me how she loved it, how it helped her de-stress from her daily life, and just made her feel so much better afterwards. Thinking nothing of that, later that night on my ride home, when the sun was setting, and there was hardly anyone on the roads, I thought to myself... “This is my "yoga". This is why I ride”.... It gives me the closest feeling to being alive, and sometimes to the point of getting goosebumps. It unwinds me after a long day, and can take a bad day and make it disappear. Some do yoga to get that, some exercise. For me I ride.

Being able to work for Harley® , especially OHD a place I have worked at for over 5 years, doesn't feel like a job at times but just working at a place that is part of my daily lifestyle. Where everyone shares the same passions, and same interests. The customers make my day at times. I've had people cry, hug me, and dance after buying their first Harley® , and being able to be a part of that moment with them is pretty damn cool

 -Dana Cooley Orlando Harley-Davidson®  Historic Factory. Follow me on instagram @7_deadly_Spins

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