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Road Trip Tips & Tricks

Posted by Lindsey Rubin on Jul 26, 2019 12:31:00 PM

With the Sturgis® motorcycle rally fast approaching you probably have a lot to pack and prepare for. Booking your hotel room, coordinating meeting spots with friends, and where to stop and grab a bite are important to map out in advance. In addition to this, it’s important to be prepared with the necessary gear.

Below are some vital must haves while road tripping and preparing for this type of experience.

  • Plastic bags – These can come in handy as boot liners if you forgot some.
  • A multi-tool – This can come in much handier than your traditional pocketknife.
  • Rain gear and cold weather gear – even though it’s Summertime you need to be prepared for all types of conditions.
  • Lightweight clothing – This way you can quickly wash and dry your clothing in a hotel sink while on the go.
  • Ratty clothing is always best – the more used and worn the better.
  • A small towel – This can come in handy during a rainstorm preventing water from running down your neck into your jacket.

Running through this handy checklist will help you pack and prepare. You never know what you may need while riding through a trail, or guided tour in a hidden area you’ve never seen before.


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