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Why we ride at Orlando Harley® /Episode 3

Posted by Orlando Harley on Oct 16, 2019 12:41:47 PM

Grateful to be a part of an incredible organization!

At Orlando Harley-Davidson® we live Harley 24/7. Our passion for riding goes beyond the dealership. We are on the road everyday with you. Every rider can remember their first encounter with a motorcycle and they never forget their first ride, most memorable rally and their favorite custom build bike along the riding journey. 

This week we're featuring the one, the only, Charles Garcia! Orlando Harley's Parts Director. He holds it down and is an encyclopedia of Genuine HD parts knowledge. He's happy to help get you connected with the right part for your bike all day, every day. 

Here's why Charles Rides:

Being born and raised here in Central Florida, I have been fortunate to be around this great weather year-round.  Every winter I say to myself "How awesome is it that I can ride my Harley-Davidson with just a t-shirt and jeans, while so many other people in every other state have their motorcycle stored away?" I have been riding motorcycles for about 14 years now and honestly it wasn’t until I graduated high school that I really ever gained interest. I purchased my first brand new motorcycle at 18 and immediately fell in love with the lifestyle. Even though it was a Suzuki sport bike that I purchased, joining the motorcycle scene opened up a whole new world for me.

I enrolled at Motorcycle Mechanics Institute (MMI) here in Orlando the year after I graduated high school to learn all I could learn about motorcycles. I realized that working in the motorcycle industry is something I wanted to do long term. During that 24-month program I landed a job in the parts department here at Orlando Harley-Davidson one week before Bike Week 2006. Definitely the greatest time to experience it all in the motorcycle industry. Working in the tourist destination of Central Florida has enabled me to experience so much diversity in the world of Harley-Davidson.  Never in the years that I have been with OHD have I had two days exactly alike. I would have to say the ability to have connected with so many customers from so many walks of life worldwide have made me very successful with this company.

I always tell my friends and family that it is a dream for most people to own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, especially those people that live outside of the US.  I can’t describe how cool is it to work for such an awesome company that can help so many people’s dreams come true.

Charles Garcia – Parts Director -  Orlando Harley-Davidson

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